It’s easy to get a little bit lost these days. You can have all the desire, will, and enthusiasm in the world, but if you lack a clear direct end goal and vision then all of your efforts will resemble an uncontrolled lightning storm. Now, more than ever I need to paint that picture for myself. That feeling of floating goes against every strain in my body that is searching for a magnetic direction to follow. Let’s give it that direction.

Create a new era for yourself. Embark on a journey that you could never really be “ready” for. These paths we walk down when we take our first steps are always treacherous, challenging, but in the end, life changing. The challenging part of most of the path is not finding the courage to take steps forward, but instead fighting the urge to run backwards. Back to safety. Back to “home.” But the thing is, when you know you have to leave because something greater is calling you, there is no “home” anymore. That place will never be the same if you go back because you will always have the guilt of leaving for something you were meant to leave for but you returned without the story.

If it causes your blood to start racing then you should probably do it. And for me, I have this path right in front of me that I have thought about going fully down hundreds and hundreds of times but never got past the first dragon. But it has also become very clear to me that there is no other way but to go down this path. So I am. Today. 10:45 am. And not coming back until I have a story to  tell.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project