I am unrealistic. And yet, I think this is one of the most powerful characteristics I have. As Frankl said, we must constantly overestimate ourselves so that we truly become what we can be. Our goals set us apart from the rest. What we truly believe in our hearts that we can do and become. It doesn’t matter what other people think, what they will say about you, because you know. You know in the deepest parts of your bones that you are destined for something great. I have dreams like this. I woke up the other day from a dream I was having about the exact thing I am trying to achieve. It was so real. I felt it under my skin. When I opened my eyes, I thought I was somewhere else living that life. In that moment, I knew that what I am going after right now, is exactly what I am meant to do.

There will be that one time when you find your true calling. There will be that time when you know that you were meant to do “this.” I have had that feeling, and I know precisely that I was meant to write. There has not been a day where I sat down and gone “Ugh I have to write today.” Whether I was having the worst day of my life, or the best day of my life, I was happy to let the words flow out onto the paper for the world to see. Who says I can’t do that forever? Who says that I can’t achieve exactly what I want to achieve? All it matters really is how much drive I have, how much perseverance, and how much sweat equity I am willing to put into it.

Unrealistic. I am fine having unrealistic dreams. I think it is important to be real with other people about things, but that’s for another post. With myself though, and I appreciate other people’s opinions on this matter, but this is precisely how I am living my life. It could have been unrealistic for me a few years ago to believe that I could write a blog, could attract thousands of people, and would turn it into a book. Fortunately, I didn’t think so. The thought of leading a life that is full of inspiration and motivation, and spreading that throughout the world and changing lives may seem like an unrealistic concept to many. But to me, that is as real as rain. And whether I succeed or whether I fail, I will be out there doing it.

One of the best complements I have ever received, and it actually came last night, was that he thought that no matter what, I had this unbreakable optimism…even through failure. That whenever I would fall short of my goal, I was still happy about having learned the lesson…and that I never saw myself as a failure, but rather strove harder to achieve that goal. I was humbled by this, and having it coming from one of my closest friends was even nicer. It is just the way I am. I am incredibly optimistic about things, even if other people see a situation as totally destroyed. I will find a way to make it happen. I know in my heart that this will take me places, not just because of the thought, but because it has already. It has given me the resilience I need to withstand even the stormiest of days and the drive to keep going no matter what.

Overestimate yourself. Reach for the stars. Then, if you only make it to the moon…at least you are 250 million miles closer.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project