I come this place to hear myself think. For me, it is a sanctuary I have only shared with a few special people. For me, it is the one place where I can go, free from all distractions, sit, and think. It is my haven for positive thought.

When I sit down to physically write, instead of type, there is an entirely different feeling that encompasses me. My voice in my head speaks much slower, however, with distinct purposefulness. I sit here now thinking over a few things that have truly caught my attention  over the course of today, and felt it necessary to put them down on paper the best I can.

I don’t give up on people. It has occurred to me more than a few times that they have given up on me, but that’s not my choice. I would rather it not be this way, but , as we know we don’t have much of a choice in matters that involve the outside world. I do not fear the loss of loved ones anymore, however, that does not mean it lacks impact. However, in my heart, I know that the wheel of life always brings events around in full circle. it is up to us to maintain our integrity and continue being guided by our moral compass.

Yes, I am afraid at times, but I feel that this fear guides me to growth more than anything else. I know that behind my fears lies my true potential. You have the choice of what to do with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is all in your hands. I have been finding out the results of things through action –not inaction, and I think that has made all the difference lately. I would rather fail while working for it then stand idly by and watch it slip through my hands. Never punish those around you for trying, most likely, they are far out of their comfort zone, and that takes a lot of courage.

As I wrap up this short reflection, I want to leave you with a small gift I received from someone years ago. They told me to feed my faith and my fears will starve. This has always reminded me to be authentically and uniquely me, especially when standing unprotected in front of the world, saying “Judge me, I am ready.”

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project