What could I possibly have learned from C4? Do you know how it works? C4 is basically a moldable putty that you can shoot, light on fire, drop, etc etc…and it will not explode. But add pressure and a spark…you have ignition that is much stronger than TNT. So, what in the hell have I learned from this short description of C4? Life works in wondrous ways.

Over the past week…I have felt some extreme pressure from fears. Straight up honesty here. I have been fearful about a path, about people, about a lot of different things. This morning, I decided that today is the day to put that away. Because I know that behind all of my fears is my life. Behind those self-created doors…the best me that possibly can be is standing. Life is a lot like C4…because until you feel the pressures of critics, of naysayers, of people who don’t believe in what you are embarking on, and those who do not have integrity with their word…you can be stagnant. In fact, I venture to say that it is only until these things are present…that you can actually start feeling the pressure of success. There is this great quote that says “If his work be merely mediocre, he will be left severely alone –if he achieve a masterpiece, it will set a million tongues a wagging.” It is only until there is pressure applied, and that internal spark, that will set you off. You will explode with motivation, with courage, with personal inspiration…the works. This is where I am. And this morning…I ignited.

There comes a point where you decide what is worth it and what is not worth it. And at that moment, you make a decision and never look back. The best possible you is behind the doors you are afraid to look through. Go after them. Because behind that fear is YOU! The best you. Don’t you deserve to give yourself a chance to be the best you could possibly be? I am giving myself that chance.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project