Something changed a while ago, and I figured it out today. A couple of months ago, I committed myself to getting into natural bodybuilding shape. I knew exactly what this would entail…what it would take for me to succeed, and what I would have to do on a day-to-day basis. But the change had nothing to do with bodybuilding. The change was in my mentality. I realized this through a reflection on my school work and how much “time” I was having to spend on specific projects and homework.

When I am in the gym, my mentality is to give it everything I have, and go as hard as I can till failure…till the burn arrives. All the growth you will get comes from getting that burn under your skin. But the same thing applies to life. If you give it everything you have on homework, a business project, and you just go as hard as you can, you end up spending a lot less time doing the project itself. I have probably shaved off hours of my day and am still very successful at school because I have separated what is crucial to my success and what is busy work. By doing this, I am knowledgeable of the things that I absolutely have to focus on…and therefore, give these things a 100% of my attention. It is impossible to focus 100% of your attention, and your soul onto everything. However, when you are able to differentiate what matters and what doesn’t, it gives you the ability to really look at what you are doing and apply your nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic.

You create your own ceiling in life. Whatever you think you cannot do, that becomes your ceiling. Whatever you think you can do, that becomes your room. It really has a lot less to do with what you think you can or cannot do…and much more with if you are willing to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals. I do not want to be eating lean chicken, spinach, vegis, egg whites, and other things for a month…but I know from the successes of others that is something I have to do. And that is another thing…who said you have to figure it all out on your own. Some of the most successful people and companies were created by imitating others success. For me, I am always looking for nuggets…little pieces of advice that will alter my course about one degree…and while that 1 degree looks minuscule to many…over time, that one degree expands into something great.

I am always going through an ever-morphing transformation. I look forward to each day because good or bad, I know I am going to learn something. You have to dedicate yourself to that idea though. That every single day you will be a student of life. Don’t be a person that just floats. A ship without any captain is useless. Your mind is your captain…call it who you want…but like Captain Jack Sparrow…my compass always points true to my dreams.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project