To be with someone and be truly seen and heard is one of the greatest gifts of all. They understand on a deeper level what you’ve been through, who you are now and all you wish to become.⁠

They see the progression, the pain, the stories, the broken dreams, the will to fight on and the great ambitions that still exist. They understand you in a way that no words can describe. A true connection. ⁠

You’re never done. ⁠

There’s never a place that you reach when you are officially cooked. There’s always more to learn, understand, grow into and relearn. That’s the incredible thing about this journey. ⁠

It’s never-ending. It’s always unfolding. ⁠

So when you are being a bit hard on yourself for not being “there”…realize that place doesn’t exist. It’s never going to look exactly how you thought it would. But that’s the point and it doesn’t actually mean it’s a bad thing. It could be so much more.⁠

no matter how far paths seemingly diverge, sometimes by a stroke of perfect luck they run back together again. the better man project. evan sanders. quote.

A long time ago I heard someone say, “What if it could be so much better than you’ve ever imagined?” And I thought about that for a while and really tried to understand it. Our minds are limited in what we can “see” in the future. So at some point you’re going to have to let faith take over and know that there’s so much more out there for you that could completely knock your socks off.⁠

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you through and through. Make sure you stay open to their guidance because it’s coming from a rare place of truly wanting the best for you. ⁠

And even more importantly, make sure you are your best guide as well. Practice removing judgement from your daily conversation. Seek wisdom and understanding when you make a mistake or head the wrong direction. Learn rather than beating yourself up with toxic language and practices.⁠

Grow. Grow. And never stop growing.

Evan Sanders