If you help a man see himself as he truly wishes to be, he becomes much more than just a man. He becomes something greater. And I wish for you…I wish that your reach may always outstretch your grasp…because then you will spend the rest of your life dreaming and striving for more…and the world will benefit greatly from your journey.

If you help a man see himself beyond his fears, he does not become fearless, but rather a man who steps in the face of fear, walks through it, or plows over it with conviction. He becomes a man who sees the fleeting shadows of the material world for what they are instead of trying to grasp onto things that do not matter. He sees himself not for what he is right at this moment, but for what he is destined to be…a destiny he is a partner in creating.

If you help a man see himself beyond the chatter, the outside worlds opinions merely become grains of salt he indulges in sprinkling on his food once in a while rather than become overwhelmed by not knowing what his path is or why it is valuable to him. He finally understands that the distance between a dream and the present is dedication and demands his blood, sweat, and tears.

If you help a man see himself beyond his flaws, he begins to accept them, work on them, and improve rather than hide them from the world. He stands in front of everyone proclaiming “Judge me! For I am ready to take on what has been given to me!”

If you help a man see himself beyond the painting, he will start to discover what is outside of the frame.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project