It’s never too late

to be who you might have been

You’ve failed hundreds of times

to accomplish this dream

But because you failed forward

you have made progress

Just remember

even a broken clock is right twice a day

There will be pain

There will be joy

and yet both of them will pass

Motivation will come

both externally

and internally

But you must have something greater to keep going

A belief

A beat as in tune with the song that plays within your chest

That rhythm must never fade

It must never skip a beat

For there are too many things in this life that can take your focus or attention

But the thump must always be heard and answered to

Every day

for the rest of your life

Because when you die

all of your dreams die with you

and you will forever hold the regret or joy of failing or accomplishing them

So struggle through

Nothing worth it is easy unfortunately

That’s just how it all pans out

Cry through it

Yell through it

Crumble and rise

But you must always go through it

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project