As Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “It is not the problem that’s the problem. It is your attitude about the problem.” Yes…I just quoted Pirates of the Caribbean.

The title is a formula that is undoubtedly true. When you become successful at something, your game elevates…but your problems do increase as well. The nature of the formula will always stay balanced. However, insert your character into the equation and you might be able to tip the scales in a positive way.

I have always believed that the mind can help me overcome and accomplish pretty much anything I wanted to do. But that “want” factor has to be there. You really have to want something or it just becomes a convenience idea in your head. You have to have it. Why? Because it will make all the difference in your life. I think it goes without saying that this can be used for destructive means as well, but you understand what I am getting at here.

You can effectively turn problems into situations with just how you think about them. Bring a positive mindset and a willingness to get something done and you can do incredible things. In the end, if you view them the right way anyways, they all become lessons that you can learn from. How do you think I can write almost every single day?

Whatever cards you have been dealt, just remember, you can flip them.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project