Some of your greatest moments will come after your greatest moments of despair. It is in this moment when you truly learn who you are. At this point you are alone, everything feels like it has left you…and you are left sitting there quietly, eyes looking into the mirror, searching into the portal of your soul.

This moment is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it. Do not try to fix it. Every moment needs to be appreciated for what it is. This moment can tell you more about yourself that anything else. We learn who we are when our backs are up against the wall. We learn if we are a fighter, or if we carry around a white towel.

I find that I learn more about myself when I fail rather than when I succeed. Knowing why you are a success is nice, but diving deep into your failures as an individual will pay off significantly. I love looking at my failures, because then I can find my limits and create an action plan. I can constantly improve. I can grow.

Life is about trial and error. What I feel is missing from that statement is the fact that you have to take something that may be good and see how it can be transformed into something better. Do not be afraid to make yourself vulnerable. Absolute vulnerability is the only true courage.

When you express yourself for the world to see, you are on a platform for change. more importantly, if you declare to the world that you are going to be something or be something, you are fully accountable for your actions. There are no excuses after that point. I am out to play a big game in the world. I want my writing and the messages that have inspired me to touch the lives of people around the world. This is not a hollow claim. I really believe in this…to the point where I have dedicated my life to this purpose.

I love the photo that says what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail. While it is a great quote, I believe it should read along the lines of what would you do if failure didn’t matter. Failure only matters as much as you make of it. The more you fail at something, the closer you get to your ultimate goal. I always cite this, but Edison failed near 10,000 times and said that he just was learning ways to not build a lightbulb.

Some try for years and years to get to where they are. Every day, every week, every month…and their dedication and perseverance continues. I am on this type of journey and will not stop till I get there.

Will you?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project