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I am an avid fisherman, a lover of all sports, aspiring to help millions of people transform their lives, a rock climber, a social media nerd, a life coach, an inventor, obsessed with personal development, a reader of all genres, a collector of baseball cards, a lover of watermelon, an intuitive healer, a developing natural bodybuilder, an expert organizer, an entrepreneur, a brand builder, a long-boarder, a slight Romantic, sometimes an insufferable insomniac, a photographer, an almost drowning surfer, an ambidextrous bowler, a killer snowboarder, an on-call rapper, an explorer, a mildly successful car rebuilder, a reincarnated Robin Hood, a certified IKEA furniture maker, an amateur long-range rifle marksman, obsessed with Pawn Stars, an iron-fisted negotiator, a creative thinker, a hard worker, a roofer, a salesman, a Lego architect, a self-proclaimed painter, a creative landscaper, a Renaissance man, and a deep philosophical thinker. I am best at inspiring others to act and have taken that passion and transformed it into a successful coaching career.

My blog is called The Better Man Project and is focused around my journey towards becoming the best version of myself I can be and lessons I learn along the way. Check it out at www.thebettermanprojects.com. (Like I said, salesman.)

I have genetic entrepreneurial blood in my body and have followed my father’s footsteps in creating unique startup companies. I enjoy a good glass of wine, a long run and walks in the depths of the forest. I do not necessarily know where I am going, but I know who I am going to be when I get there.

I am a man of unconditional love, fiery passion, and possess an unexplainable variety of intensity. I never ask anything of anyone that I do not ask of myself (honesty, loyalty, respect), and I strive every day to become a better person. I can grow a full beard, climb trees with ease and make a delectable gin and tonic.

I want to make a difference in this world and have people remember me as someone who went out with all engines burning. I will never own a mini-van…ever.

I will have a baseball team full of children…and do not think that will effect my decision on the mini-van statement. I can reel in a 200-lb halibut in 30 minutes. Spiders scare the hell out of me, and bell peppers make me gag. I have a strange connection with forest that reside deep within the Sierra’s.

I have successfully cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for 12 by myself. I can bake an assortment of pies and can make little children laugh. I have successfully rebuilt pitchers mounds, to only then wreck them by pitching off of them. People randomly tell me their deepest secrets.

I successfully speared a fly to the door by throwing a Phillips screwdriver from 10 ft. away. I am a quote junkie and will randomly recite movie lines or motivational speeches to people who care or care less about what I am currently saying.

I am a recovering pyromaniac…and have a record of close calls. I collect vinyls, and wish I had a record player. I often come up with nicknames for those close to me, and they usually resemble animals. I have a predilection for Asian cuisine.

If I had to be two movie stars, it would either be Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman. If they had to be under 50, Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington. I can iron my own shirts, do my own laundry, vacuum and clean floors with unparalleled precision. My music playlists demand respect. I was once nearly fluent in Japanese.

I’ve successfully discouraged packs of men from hitting on my sister in Europe…just by the sharpness of my jawline. I have sold women’s yoga clothes, have squatted 500 lbs, and have broken many stereotypes about white men not being able to jump.

I will be real with you no matter what, however I do have a tendency for sarcastic and witty remarks. I have been asked if I have bad days. I drink Guinness and whiskey, can pull off legendary dance moves after significant amounts of stretching. I have a tendency to speak foreign languages I do not know in my sleep.

I am, me.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project