There’s a fine balance between learning to let go and learning to hold on.

Something I’ve noticed a lot going on is everyone is talking about “letting go of what’s no longer for you.” In many respects, that’s completely right and something valuable to practice.

But there’s a distinction that exists between when is an appropriate time to let something go and when it’s absolutely critical not only to your relationships but also to your own growth as a human being to learn to fight for the truth.

Often, an “Oh I just let go of it” is actually disguised as a deeper underlying fear. Fear of what might happen if it doesn’t work out so you got out in front of it. Fear of actually entering into vulnerable conversations and really putting your heart on the line. Fear of investing in people and eventually having something shift and change in a way that you couldn’t have predicted.

There are times when you truly have to let something go. Something or someone is being toxic in your life and you have to clear that space out in having compassion for yourself.

But the universe doesn’t always take. If I’ve come to understand just a handful of things, it also provides great opportunities. Chances and moments for significant growth because you decided to do the thing that was hard. It will honor you for that choice.

The greatest treasures of life are not right on the surface that can simply be taken by the wind. They are deep within the earth and you have to dig and work for them. The path of faith and belief is not an easy road. It’s challenging to the core at times. Fear, doubt and worry have a way of creeping into the soul and causing internal strife.

So how do we get there? This balance between holding on and letting go?

We refuse to make our decisions out of fear and sit deeply within our inner wisdom – the deepest wisest version of who we are – and listen. Listen for the simplicity of the truth and the path you are being guided on.

Open your heart. Use the constructive mind. Listen. Be patient. Cultivate balance.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project