In those moments of silence, when you hear the voice coming from within, who are you?

Who are you being?
What matters to you?
What are your intentions, ambitions and dreams?

Do not be scared of the quiet. Welcome it with open arms. Even though you may hear the voices of criticism, you can let those go.

Quiet them down.
Do not fear them.
Do not run from them.

Hear them.
Calm them.
Be fiercely compassionate with them.

What does the 95 year old version of you say?

You know, the voice that speaks with endless love, compassion, wisdom and care. The deepest wisest version of you. The one that has been guiding you all along. What does that voice tell you to do? Who does it tell you to be?

Loving yourself through the endless unfolding of life can be difficult at times. It’s easy to travel the path of judgement and be brutal. But you are far more than the mistakes you’ve made, the habits you have and who you’ve been. Your soul is so much more than you know.

So be kind. Sit in the stillness. While it may seem like there’s nothing, there’s the potential for everything. The universe moves when you do.


Then be.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project