The best people are the ones that stay.

Everything is always changing. Things are always coming and going and we don’t really have much control over the point in time the path runs out. It just suddenly arrives and we can only see that when it’s here.

But then there are the rare and special few who ride with you all the way until the end. Who make you a better version of yourself, help you regain faith in who you are when you feel lost and who stand with you when you are going through hell and high water.

They’re just different. To feel like someone has “got you” no matter what happens is one of the best feelings in the world. Because no matter how much you may think it at times, we can’t go through this life alone. The support and love of others is a critical part to our growth and development. It helps us arrive to who we are meant to be.

Have faith that whatever has come into your life is for you and whatever has left wasn’t meant to be. You can let go of the past, bring yourself back from the future and just be here. Here with what’s here for you. Deeply connected to it. Grateful for what you have. That’s when the joy comes out.

And at the same time, all of this is not an excuse to be in denial about unfinished business you need to take care of with someone. I see that all the time as well. If your integrity is out of alignment, don’t just “let someone go” and pass it off as something spiritual. It’s not. You’re just using a concept to serve your agenda. And you’ll know this is the case when there’s a festering soul splinter that just refuses to go away as time goes on. Do the work. Fix what you need to.

If you have these people in your life, tell them that you love them. Let them know. They are gifts, guides and mentors.

Diamonds in the rough.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project