The perfect moment will never arrive.

There’s no such thing. It’s not because the idea of perfection isn’t seductive. It is. It has people chasing after it all the time.

Rather, this idea of perfection is impossible to quantify. Turning the purely subjective into something objective is a task that leads to endless time being wasted.⁠

So instead, begin. Begin your journey wherever you are. This moment is as good as any. The thing you really have to look out for is spending an entire lifetime waiting for that perfect moment and to be stuck idling on the side of the road.⁠

If you’ve found yourself delaying for days, years or decades, begin now. Reset your intentions and learn from what it means to be out of action. The important part is that you actually start. Don’t throw judgement on top of all the time that has already gone by. That will just make life worse.⁠

Courage is not about being completely fearless. It’s about what we decide to do in the presence of fear. Courage can’t exist without it. It needs it. It’s the opposite side of the coin. In fact, you can look at the fear you’ve been feeling and see that the courage that has always been within you is right around the corner.⁠

Every step you taken in your life is new. You’re different. Life is different. Everything around you has shifted and changed.

No matter how “the same” things seem, they are completely and entirely different. Everything, in every moment, is coming and going. Don’t allow your mind to trick you into thinking that you’re the exact same person as you used to be. Even if you’ve “stalled” on the side of the road, you’ve still changed.⁣⁣⁣⁠

We don’t exist in a box that has an on or off switch. We exist across many different planes – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical etc. – and while we may not be chasing our biggest dream, our life is moving in so many different ways. ⁠

All we have to do is acknowledge it. ⁠

Allow your courage to set you upon a path of your greatest growth and development. Fear will always be part of the equation. But learning to work through it is one of the best practices there is.

That’s how you grow.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project