Is it possible to turn straw into gold?

Yes. Yes, it is.

But it’s a process, and it takes quite a bit of time. And you’re going to need a whole lot of love, understanding, wisdom, and a light heart on your journey to get there.

The greatest shift you will ever make is letting go of wisdom and moving towards compassion.

When you do this, you turn on the light.

When you’re constantly judging everything that’s happened or happening in life, you’re trapped.

There’s no visible way through because you’re at war with how things are.

But when you let go of all the judgment and start to view life through much gentler eyes, you see that even though what has happened in life may have been painful, you can understand how you can transform it into something productive.

You may use your voice. You may support others. You may heal yourself down to the core and show others the way.

And this is how we turn straw into gold.

You turn on the lights. You find the dark spots still residing within your heart and see it in ways that you may never have before.

What you will come to find when you look at things in a completely different way is that the thing itself changes.

It moves, shifts, and morphs and often of times washes right back out into the ocean.

Trust in the path.

Shine a light on what hurts.

Allow yourself to feel everything deeply, and it will eventually leave you.

Let the story you tell yourself about what has happened be one of healing and not one that will continue the pain.

Let go. Breathe. Let go again.

You’ve got this.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project