You have to maintain a light heart. You have to claim that for yourself. ⁠

I know this life isn’t easy for most everyone. I’ve been there. I understand that. I’ve been beaten, broken, abandoned, shamed, abused, bullied, cheated on, lied to, betrayed and everything in between. Those scars seem endless. Some of them took forever to even begin the process of healing. ⁠

But…and this is the big thing…they don’t own my soul. They can’t take the light. That’s mine no matter what. ⁠

It’s not about being positive all the time. It’s about choices. These are hard to make, but hen the wold feels like it’s crumbling around you, you have to make a choice not to quit and move forward no matter what. ⁠

That’s why I’m here writing to you today. I made that choice nearly a decade ago and trust me, there were many compelling reasons to quit. ⁠

Make your decisions out of love. ⁠

Fear is always ready to grip you and take you out. It’s easy to succumb to the darkness. At times, you might find that you have. That’s okay. Recognize when you fallen into its hands and then make your decisions out of love once again. ⁠

You’re not supposed to be perfect. It’s impossible to be. But you can do your best and really give it a go. That’s all that matters. ⁠

Be gentle with yourself. The judgment only makes life worse and it’s already hard enough. There’s no point in it anyway because you have to get past it to release and grow. ⁠

So let go of the criticism, shame, bitterness, guilt and anger and trade for the light. Root yourself in wisdom, compassion and love. That will help you see the big picture and truly learn from your past footsteps.⁠

After all, they end up being some of our best teachers. Oh and don’t forget to laugh. ⁠

Joy works wonders.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project