A lot of things are difficult to understand when you’re going through them.

It’s easy to think that when things aren’t working out the way you wanted them to, that it’s somehow not part of your path. ⁠

“Oh no, that’s my true path over there. Let me get back to that.”⁠

But it’s all part of it.⁠

Every step.⁠
Every choice.⁠
Every cause, effect and ripple effect.⁠

No piece of it is separate. No part of it is untrue. ⁠

Because “the path” isn’t a traditional path you walk on and arrive to a specific location. That’s what the mind thinks it is. It’s trying to visualize something that it just can’t make sense of. Like some island you can row to where it all turns out. ⁠

But it doesn’t work like that. There’s no end point. No location to get to. You take yourself with you every single step of the way. ⁠

There’s only here. Then another here. Then another.⁠

It’s the farthest thing from being liner. Rather, you expand, contract, shift and grow in ways that are difficult to understand at the time. You can’t possibly see it all.⁠

How could you? How can you see the picture when you’re in the frame? ⁠

The straight line is a myth. It doesn’t exist out there. It only exists in the head. ⁠

And yet, this makes intention even more important. Intention reaches down to the roots of who you are and brings forward the deepest expression of yourself. ⁠

Whatever you plant at the core impacts the rest of the tree. The universe doesn’t care what you plant. It only gives you more of what you put into the soil. ⁠

Plant mango seeds, you get mango trees.⁠
Plant poison oak, you get a field of it. ⁠

While trying to see where you want to go has its benefits, what you must always come back to is in what ways are your feet falling upon the path as you create it. ⁠

There’s only what serves you and what doesn’t. What is an authentic expression of your true self and what isn’t. ⁠

From that place comes the greatest act of faith you can bring forward. Not knowing exactly where you’re going or how it’s all going to turn out…⁠

…but trusting that with light in your heart, you’ll arrive exactly where you need to be.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project