It’s pretty easy to feel like you’re losing yourself in this world.

There’s a thousand things pulling you in every direction trying to tell you who you should be.

Everyone is seeking attention in one way or another but forgetting to give each other love. ⁠

All of this can lead to this feeling of emptiness inside. Feeling like you’re “doing it wrong” or need to change who you are for some unknown reason.”⁠

But it’s never been about conforming to what everyone else is doing. That comes and goes. It’s about discovering who you really are and peeling back the layers of the onion day after day. ⁠

You’ll find some things that you need to work on.

You’ll discover some things that you really love that you didn’t know were there. But you have to stay true to yourself and continue discovering no matter what. ⁠

Every day, I hope you become more and more of what makes you – you. I wrote that because I want you to remind you of where most of your focus needs to be in this wild world. ⁠

You’re never done. There’s no “there” to get to. But that’s the point. That’s the beautiful part of the journey.

It’s just layer after layer after layer and it never ends. If you feel stuck right now, understand that will also pass and you have so much more left to see and become. ⁠

So stay wide open. Learn about yourself day after day. Put yourself into the mindset that life is a great mystery and you’re here to explore it – one of the biggest mysteries being yourself. ⁠

And when you do inevitably discover some cool shit, celebrate it. Life’s too hard to not have some fun and feel joy in its deepest form. ⁠

Keep on unfolding.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project