You’ll find your way again when you remember that the answers you’ve been seeking are already within you.

It’s funny how that works.

Spending so much time seeking answers for things you already know the truth to deep down. It’s not about finding it “outside.” It’s about plugging back in and reconnecting to your intuition. ⁠

That voice that “just knows.”⁠

When you make that turn within, you will hear a gentle but powerful whisper directing you towards the path that will help you become all you are meant to be.⁠

There, lives ancient wisdom. Older and wiser than you could possibly imagine. All caring. All loving. All knowing. And your greatest task is to trust that voice that comes from within and to follow all the way through to the end.⁠

Quiet your mind and listen. You’ll know you’re “there” when you can feel it in your bones but find it difficult to put to words. That’s because your answer is not it a thought. It’s something far deeper than that. It’s a “knowing.”⁠

While there are endless choices, paths and options in front of you, don’t be afraid of the one that has the most heart in it.⁠

It may be the toughest choice. It might be the one that you know deep down will challenge you to your core. You might deny the calling time and time again because you are scared of what it’s asking of you.⁠

But in the end, no matter how far you may wander, you will always come back to what you already know. ⁠

The path. The call. The adventure.⁠

Every step you take is part of the journey. There’s no steps backwards. You don’t start all over again. The path unfolds right before your eyes with each step you choose to take.⁠

Take those steps with love. Keep your heart open. Always rise to the higher version of yourself even though it may be the hardest thing at times to do. Let go of what’s happened in the past because it’s already long gone. Free yourself from always looking away…and just be here.⁠

It’s all you have. It’s all you ever had. Step by step. Breathe by breathe. Here. Here. Here.⁠


Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project