It can all change so fast.

In a blink of an eye what you understood to be so rock solid can shift drastically.

You can either fight against it or go for a ride.

But that choice will determine everything.⁠

Acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to like what’s happening. It’s about embracing the reality of the situation.

“This is happening. It’s not happening any other way.”⁠

From that statement alone – no matter how challenging what’s in front of you may be – you can gain a tremendous amount of strength.

Since you’re not fighting against life as it is and instead aligning with how things have changed, you are given one of the greatest things of all: choice.⁠

You can’t always control what’s happened to you.

But you can absolutely get on board with what is happening now and make your decisions from there.

Whether you want to call it destiny, the plan, luck or just chance it’s important that you roll with how things are.⁠

Remember, you don’t have to like it.

But you do have to accept it.

Embrace it.
Understand it.
Approach it with wisdom.

That’s where the good stuff happens.

That’s when your best self comes forward.⁠

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project