Even the smallest acts of love can change the world.

If the intentions are pure and matched with actions that are in alignment, the ripples can go far beyond what you could ever imagine. ⁠

People, events, moments can be impacted by positive waves of cause and effect.

And it’s kindness, one of the qualities that we seem to overlook the most, that often makes the greatest difference. ⁠

Life is hard enough as it is.

Can you make it better for yourself and also for others by meeting the moments in front of you with a sense of compassion and understanding?

It’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of fearing and judging everything. And often there seems to be a pretty compelling case for it all. ⁠

But we lose ourselves when we come from that place.

We disconnect with the best we can put forward.

Our courage.
Our ability to transmute the darkness into light.
Our ability to walk with faith without necessarily being able to see the end. ⁠

So meet these moments with kindness.

If your compassion needs to be fierce at times, let it.

Don’t ever underestimate how incredible you are and how much of a difference you can make, even if it’s just you.

It starts with one.

One becomes the many. ⁠

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project