1 decision.

That’s all it’s going to take. One decision could change your entire life. 

Who could you be if you really took a stand for your greatness? Who could you be if you decided that you wanted to be more than a man or a woman, but you wanted to represent an idea? 

You could be anything if you were willing to pay the price.

What is that price exactly?

Long hours. Pain. Fatigue. Sea of doubt, worry, anxiety, fear…a rush of every negative emotion that you could ever think of. 

You will have to suffer pain and at times deep loneliness on this path. It’s been said by those who have traveled it time and time again that these are just realities when you are creating something out of yourself that didn’t exist before.

These are realities that you must go through when you are becoming more than just a person…

You are becoming the living embodiment of an idea.

But what are the payoffs?

You give people permission to live. To dream. To wander out into the forest and explore unknown lands. 

You inspire them. You motivate them. You breathe fire into their soul when they are lost. 

You can help them see the stars when the darkness of life seems like too much to handle.

You can carry them when they aren’t strong enough to make footsteps of their own. 

You will be their rock…the one thing in their life, for as long as life will have it, that will never fall away or crumble under the pressure of what the world brings.

And you will breathe life into yourself and others.

This is what defines the path. Your self-sacrifice is what saves those around you, and in turn, yourself. 

In order to travel on this journey, you have to see everything from a different angle. 

We have all gone through the phase of doing things for ourselves because we want to achieve them…but there’s a different type of power, of motivation, of energy that is born when you begin to start doing things with your life that will give others the permission to dream as large as they can and to have the courage to go after those dreams. You are not just backed by your own will, but by the eyes and hearts of those who are following you.

We must take the leap and live for the greatness of others. We must pay the price. We must sacrifice. 

We must…because we can. 

If we have that ability to hear it the call must be answered.

We must change.

We must go through the growing pains.

We must grow despite what challenges us.

We must.

Because we can.


Action Steps For Today

Intention: To answers your heart’s desire for decision

Practice: What’s That 1 Decision?

What’s the one decision you need to make today that will change your life? Chances are, you know exactly what it is. In your journal, write it down. “Today, I am deciding to finally…..”

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