What can you learn about relationships from a famous basketball point guard? 

Apparently a lot. 

You see, Steve Nash wasn’t the biggest guy ever. In fact, he’s pretty small for a NBA basketball player standing at only 6ft 3in.

But boy could the guy handle the ball…

And what made him so much fun to watch?

His passing skills. 

That guy could find a seam in the defense to exploit in any situation.

And he did…time and time again. 

A reporter once asked Nash what his goal was when he went out onto the court…and his reply to this question struck me when I heard it years and years ago. 

He said that he didn’t aim to be the highest scorer or the flashiest player out there on the court…

But he wanted to be the guy that made everyone else look better. 

He was the guy who made average players look good and good players look great. 

That was his goal. 

And so I ask you today, “Are you making the people around you better…or worse?”

Are you adding to their life or subtracting from it? 

You can ask this question of every single type of relationship that you have. 

But the second piece of this conversation is just as important as what you bring…

What are others bringing into your life? Are they making you better? Or are they making you worse? 

If you want to grow, you have to get the energy drainers and the negative people out of your life.

In fact, you should resolve to have your life be a drama-free zone.

Now of course not all drama can be avoided (duh) but you have to clear out the people who constantly bring you down, don’t support you, or make you worse. 

Don’t ever forget…you are a product of the people you hangout with and your environment as well. 

Keep this in mind.

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To identify your deepest gifts and to continue to build strong networks of support

Practice: My Gifts & My Network

In your journal, start a list of all of the gifts, qualities, and things that you bring to the world. How are you adding to the lives of the people around you and making your mark on the world? 

Then, take a moment to identify the people, situations, or events that are most prominent in your life right now. Ask yourself, “Does this add or subtract from my life.” Explore and examine the reasons why. ​​​​​​​

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