There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of…

A diamond is a chunk of coal that handled pressure extraordinarily well.

And we are all faced with those pressures

Sometimes internal, sometimes external.

But the weight of life can destroy you or help create you. It can be the thing that defines you in the responsibilities that you have taken on in this life or it can drive you back into mediocrity. 

And that’s NOT what I’m here to help you create…a mediocre life. 

I want you living a hell yeah life. 

So all of this really comes down to choice, and that’s what I want to bring out in you today. 

We are all going to be faced with adversity and tragedies in life but the major difference maker between those who crumble to pieces and those who turn into diamonds is how they decide to react to life’s tests and trials. 

How are you going to handle the pressure?

The first person takes the position of victim and lets everything fall apart around him or her. They let their relationships fall apart, they stop taking care of themselves, they lose their integrity and start withering away. 

The second person decides that they are going to step right into whatever has come their way and face it head on. They tip their hat to the pressure, acknowledge it, and decide that they are going to get through it no matter what…and why?

Because they know that the pressure helps create them and turn them into something stronger. 

If only we could all have this attitude about life. 

We all face these great pressures. 

We all have them wash over us when we are not ready (they always do this) for them and really have no choice in how life decides to do what it does.

A great deal of the time it all happens at once or nothing happens at all. But we all have a choice to make when sh*t hits the fan. 

Never lose sight of that. 

There is something deep inside each of us that is calling out our own unique gifts. Some may lose themselves to the pressures of life and never return back to who they really are. They don’t have the skills, tools, or support system to bring them back and restore their faith in continuing making positive choices.

But for those brave souls that are willing to go through it all to help show the world what is possible, anything can be created. They can live as a representation of what is possible if you take your challenges head on.

And what’s the final piece to this puzzle?

You will start asking for challenges…

You will ask whatever you believe in…for more challenges on your journey to make you grow into the person you need to become. 

And eventually, you will see them all as a gift. 

So the choice is yours. If you’re stuck in something difficult right now, you can make the decision to start charging forward into that challenge…or continue to play the victim. 

Break to pieces…or turn into a diamond? 

Become a diamond.

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To identify the old ways of living and thinking that are restricting.

Practice: Diamonds Or Dust? 

There’s a decision to be made today. Don’t underestimate the magnitude of what I’m going to ask you right now.

Today, take a moment to decide how your story is going to look like from now on. Will you continue to play the victim, or will you take responsibility for your life and decide to become a diamond? 

I think I know what decision you will make. Here’s the practice. In your journal, write a statement that you can go back to that supports your willingness to face any challenge. 

Ex “No matter what happens, what challenge comes my way, how hard life will get…I WILL NOT QUIT.” 

Write what feels right in your journal, and then saw it out loud with some conviction 3 times.​​​​​​​

PS. If you’re feeling a bit “stuck” in life right now and looking for some help in navigating through your challenges, here at the 7 ways I can help you as a life coach