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The 50 – 10 rule is an absolute game changer and if you implement it you can turn your productivity levels up significantly. 

The concept is pretty darn simple. 

Work your butt off for 50 minutes without any sort of outside distraction (no phone, instagram, snapchat etc) and then rest for 10 minutes. 


Why does this work? 

You can effectively sit down for 50 minute chunks and really be able to focus a lot of time and effort towards a task without getting burned out. 

Then, the 10 minute break periods allow your brain to reboot and refresh. 

And it works brilliantly. 

It has also been said that one of the most effective tools you can learn on your path towards mastery is being able to focus your mind completely on a single task. 

Both of these pieces combined will help you make massive gains in your growth and development.

So get cracking!

Action Steps For Today 

Intention: To implement the 50 – 10 principle into your life. 

Practice: 50 – 10 Implementation 

Today, for three segments in your day, implement the 50 – 10 principle. Then, in your journal after you are done, record the differences in your productivity levels and focus in comparison towards your previous methods of working.​​​​​​​

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