It’s causing a whole lot of suffering in your life…

If I think about the most pivotal of these lessons this one is way up there. 

Here we go. 

What causes us to get stuck in a rut or really down in the dumps?

There are a lot of situations and events that can put you in that place, but what’s the way out of it? 

I think we’ve all been dragged down into the pit and have no idea which way is up at times.

We are stuck…

Really stuck…

And need some help. 

I’ve got you. 

A great deal of suffering comes from one very specific way of thinking. 

“What if?” (way of thinking)

“What if” thinking sounds a lot like this. 

“Well, what if this happens? What if that did happen? What if this goes down?”

I mean I could probably go on with a million scenarios of how that type of mentality could pop up. 

Why does this cause so much suffering? 

Because instead of living in the way that things “are” you are living in a completely different world that doesn’t exist. Literally, that place doesn’t exist.

All of the wishing, desiring, hoping that things magically pop up in life or could possibly change themselves in the past keep you off the field of life and in the stands speculating about things that may or may not even happen. 

This causes an absolute MESS.

Days, weeks, or years can go by before you get out of this type of thinking. Sometimes…you may never get out of it. 

If you can grasp what actually “is” happening around you, you return back to the land of the present…and most of the time, a world full of gratitude. 

If you don’t grasp this…and return back to the land of “what if?” you are in some nonexistent world and stop creating. 

Can you see how massively different these types of thinking are? 

So bring yourself back…

You’ve been learning that in meditation. 

Bring yourself back to this moment and what is actually going on. 

Bring yourself back and begin creating in the moments that exist right in front of you. 

It’s the only time you can live and it’s the only way you will turn your dreams into a reality. 

Action Steps For Today

Intention: Bringing in full responsibility and acceptance of our current situation.

Practice: Getting Rid Of Our “What if.”

In your journal, what situations in your life have you not accepted and taken responsibility for yet. This could be your weight, a breakup, a bad choice, a horrible habit. What are they? List them out. 

Then, one by one, draw a circle around each of them, draw an arrow away from them and write “I fully accept responsibility for how this situation turns out.”

Then, write your solution to the issue. 

Now, we are making movement! 

PS. If you’re feeling a bit “stuck” in life right now and looking for some help in navigating through your challenges, here at the 7 ways I can help you as a life coach