There’s only one real piece of advice I can give you when you are struggling with your dream. 

Never give up.


Vow to never quit.

No matter how hard it gets, how black the night is, how tough the situation may be, how challenging it is, how many demons have come out to play, and through all of the feelings of wanting to quit…

Never quit. 

Because if you never quit, you will always be giving yourself another chance to make it happen. 

You’ll give yourself the opportunity to find out all the ways that something “doesn’t work” in order to figure out the way that finally clicks with you. 

It could take a year, 5 years, 10 years…even 15

But you can never quit. You have to stay in the struggle and know deep within yourself that it is possible. 

Because there’s going to be every single reason in the book for you to stop doing what you are doing when you don’t see it happening yet.

People will tell you no.

Friends will tell you no.

Family may even tell you no.

Your inner critic will tell you no. 

The NO’s are endless. 

They will continue on and on…

But if you stay on the field of life, all of those no’s will eventually drown themselves out and you will be left with something priceless…

Your YES. 

Yes you can do this. Yes it can happen. Yes yes yes if I continue to believe in myself and never quit. 

So when you’re in pieces or being challenged in your life, vow to never quit. 

Never take a step off the field and into the stands. 

Never be amongst those cold and timid souls who never knew what it was like to really chase something and struggle for it because they wanted it so badly. 

You will fail.

You will suffer. 

But on your way to seeing that dream through, you will become something far greater than you ever could have been without traveling that path. 

So dream a little. 

Never quit.

Always have one more go at it.

You only need it to work 1 time. 

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To vow to never quit

Practice: The Writing’s On The Wall

Today is incredibly simple. Paste these next few words on your wall where you can see them. 

“Never…ever…ever…quit.” ​​​​​​​

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