When I was in my final season of baseball in high school, I took a few trips down to University Of Southern California to learn from a very famous pitching coach named Tom House.

What made Tom so famous wasn’t his own career in the MLB as a pitcher, but the fact that he was Nolan Ryan’s (the most famous pitcher of all time) pitching coach.

After about 60 pitches in the bullpen (all of which he was dead silent) he turned to me and said…

“Evan. 10% of the time you are going to be amazing, 10% of the time you are going to suck worse than imaginable, and 80% of the time you are going to be just average.

Champions are made in that 80%.”

80% of the days you have you are going to feel average. 

That’s right. Average.

Nothing great about the day. Nothing crappy about the day. Just “meh.”

Now that may seem like a nasty realization about life, but there’s a secret to all of this. 

You get to decide how your day is going to go. 

You can either rise to the challenge or let your day slowly dwindle down into the depths. 

The choice is yours.

But you have to set an intention for the day. You have to be willing to do what is hard…especially when you aren’t feeling up for it. 

Because that’s where the champions are made…

They are made in those early mornings, those late evenings, and throughout the day as your are working hard when no one else is watching you. 

Most of those hours you spend working your tail off on something will never be seen by anyone. 

But that’s not the point. The point is this…

You know…

You know how much time you put into something and how much effort you really devoted to becoming the best person you could be.

Further, you know that you decided to take that 80% “meh” day and turn up the heat so you could make it a fantastic day. 

Because when all of this is said and done, you’ll either look back on your life knowing you gave it your best and there was nothing left on the table for you to do or you will live in regret.

And I’ll be damned if I let the latter option happen in my life.

So create an intention for yourself.

Make a request to yourself that you are going to level up and make this year the best year of your life. 

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To engage in true responsibility for your life

Practice: The Intention

Knowing that 80% of your days you are going to wake up feeling mediocre, it’s time to create a daily intention.

At the beginning of each day, I want you to create a single word / phrase that builds an intention around who you want to be that day. 

This could be anything, but make sure it relates to you. When we set our intentions, we chart a course for ourselves to where we want to go. If we just cruise throughout life, we could end up anywhere. Make sure you go where you want to!

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