I want to share with you the power of story. 

And when I say story, I mean a representation (often in metaphor) of how we are living our life. 

A story can change your life. 

We are all living in one right now, and one of the most amazing parts about coaching is having someone create a new story for you. 

This is a story I’ve created because I want you to get the idea of how powerful this can be. 

If you are stuck…

Constantly seeking and grasping…

Or impatient as all hell…

This will resonate.

(This applies to both men and women).

The story of The Patient Gardner is a one of a woman who nurtures, builds, and grows the most beautiful gardens anyone has ever seen. 

She is the Patient Gardner because she realizes that she cannot do anything to make the seeds she just planted to grow faster, nor she cannot yank of the flowers that are already there to make them taller. 

She knows she must slow down because the garden grows at it’s own pace and is often unpredictable at times…

Sometimes new flowers grow, some seeds don’t sprout, and the end result may be completely different than she anticipated.

Instead of holding onto what she “envisioned it to be”, she carefully and consistently waters her garden, tills the ground, removes old weeds and carefully tends to all aspects of her environment knowing deep down that whatever may happen, her garden will be beautiful.

The Patient Garden lovingly takes care of others.

She is the one who nurtures and plants the seeds of her empowerment in other people and watches them grow and develop over time. However, what makes the Patient Gardener so unique is that she understands that in order to truly plant great seeds of love and empowerment into others, she must nurture herself as well

She never forgets that as she provides the fruit of inspiration and uplifting the hearts and minds of others, she must water her own roots to ensure she gives herself the best ability to give her gifts to the world. 

Others to her are hearts to be nourished, cared for, and souls to have possibility spoken into. 

Through the giving of her gifts, she would create a large network of support and love that would in turn also allow for herself to be cared for. Her community would be inspired by her generosity and abilities and in turn support her in her path. 

What would she do in the world? 

She would be vulnerable. 

She would open her heart to everyone around her. 

Deeply, the Patient Gardener understands that she is planting seeds of vulnerability within others which frees their hearts and minds…

And by standing in her own vulnerability…she frees herself as well. 

The Patient Gardener travels the world planting seeds of love and light everywhere she goes. 

As she travels, she leaves behind her those who have been touched by her example and her gifts. Deep down, she knows she belongs in this world and that her heart and home is wherever she is. 

Truly, the Patient Gardner falls into her gift as a nourisher



Action Steps For Today

Intention: To understand what you are capable of what to start developing a new story.

Practice: Story

In your journal, write out (in metaphor) what your new story could be. This is truly sitting in “possibility” and understanding what you may be capable of. What type of life would you like to live? Who would you be? Who would others be to you? How would you impact the world. Write out your story in as much detail as you can. Don’t be afraid to use the structure of the above story as a guide.​​​​​​​



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