Hello darling. You look beautiful tonight. 

Thank you handsome. You’re always such a gentlemen. 


What if you could have this type of relationship with your emotions

It’s actually possible. 

Now I’m not going to say that you aren’t going to have fights from time to time, but what I am saying is that you can have a much healthier relationship with one another than you have right now. 

And hey, if you’re a 100% healthy couple then just go ahead and skip this email. 

But I doubt it. 

We all have room to grow within the realm of our emotions, so rather than skip over this, I think you might want to dive in head first.

I’m not going to talk to you today about happy fluttery emotions.


I’m going straight to the heart.

The place where you feel those bad emotions rumbling. The pit inside each of us that is blacker than black and we hate going there because it’s terrifying to feel some of the emotions that live in this place. 

Anger. Suffering. Depression. Anxiety. Jealousy. 


All of those are in each of us whether we would like to admit it or not. The only difference between us is how these emotions are brought out. For some it could be heartbreak. For others it could be losing a job or getting into a fight with someone. 

But we all have access to those emotions and they are incredibly powerful and possibly destructive if you don’t know how to skillfully handle them. 

That’s what I’m about to teach you…

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist once said, “The brighter the light the darker the shadow.” 

Following that logic, the more you tap into the “light” side of you the more access you also have to the darkness. Because as you stretch one way, you stretch the other way as well.

That fact, right there, scares the hell out of most people. 

It scared the hell out of me. 

But when we have committed to going out into the world and actually living, to chasing our dreams and to being the best person we can possibly be, we change in ways we never predicted.

Along with that light comes the shadows and we must be able to coexist with our own shadow no matter how dark it may be at times. 

The skill to develop here is this…

And my mother would love this because she is a painter…

Use all of the colors of your life, the dark ones and the light ones, to create something inspiring. 

In the times of darkness create beautiful, dark, inspiring, emotional paintings that express what is happening inside. Watch the paint flow representing the energy that is inside of you and put it out in your own form of art. 

For some, you may actually take up painting. But for others, you may start to write in your journal, play music, or dance. 

But create. 

Express those energies and put them out there vulnerably for yourself (and maybe the world) to see. Do not trap them inside of you and let them create chaos inside your soul for too long. 

Stuffing things down or avoiding what you are actually feeling is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. 

And guess what?

It always explodes. 

Paint something beautiful on the canvas of your life with all of the colors available to you. 


Action Steps For Today

Intention: To discover how complex your emotions actually are and develop an awareness of how they shift

Practice: What Is Inside Of Me Right Now?

Today sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down the major negative emotion that is consuming your life at the moment. It could be absolutely anything.

Then, I want you to “feel around it.” See how much you can learn from it. Where is it in your body physically? What’s the mental conversation like? Are there any other emotions that come up with it? How does it change your sense of spirituality. 

The reason why this practice is so beneficial is because once you establish a very strong relationship with your emotions, you’ll be able to understand them more when they come up and handle them in completely new ways. 



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