A very wise man once told me, “Begin with the end in mind.” 

They say that the definition of hell on earth is being in your final moments before death and meeting the ghost of who you could have become (if you didn’t live your life to the fullest).

The ghost would look at you with angry and upset eyes wishing you would have lived in such a way that could have brought him or her to life. And now, in those final moments, you would live in such painful regret that it would literally break you. 

This idea has always been incredibly powerful and caused me to think about “Who I needed to be throughout my life to die feeling fulfilled.” 

To answer that question, you have to look at the end.

And it will cause you to realize how you need to live today. 

Even Buddha said it himself, “The problem is you think you have time.”

We really don’t have much time. In fact, we don’t know how much time we have at all.

In reality, this journey of ours could end seconds from now. There aren’t really any guarantees about the future and if you really grasped this concept of being in the present from the first email, you will end up realizing just how out of control you are of everything that is going to happen off in the distance. 

We have…absolutely…NO…idea. 

So the question is, “Who do you need to be today, if you suddenly came upon the final moments of your life, to be happy at the end?”

Would you be able to say you gave it your all?

That you chased your dreams with passion?

That you loved your heart out and didn’t leave any words unsaid?

That you embraced those around you and gave them the best version of yourself? 

Who would you need to be? 

Because in truth, most of us have some sort of concept of what we are capable of. However, we may be stuck in being a little too scared to move forward or not exactly know how to do that in the first place.

That’s why you’re here. 

That’s why you’ve started this journey.

If you end up walking this path by faith and not just by sight you will not only discover what you are capable of, but you will be able to bring out those gifts in you.

You will be able to let out that courage that had been walled up for so many years or find the voice you thought you never had. 

We were all born with unique gifts and it has simply been the reality that years and years of dust have piled up on that gift and it’s now time to clean it all off. 

You have something great inside of you waiting to come out. 

It’s time to find it. 

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To understand your unique qualities and potential

Practice: What Am I Capable Of?

Today sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and begin writing out what you are capable of. This may be goals, dreams, ambitions, character traits, qualities, etc. Dream BIG. Some of these things you may have in you already or they may be things that you would like to build into your life. The point is, get it down on paper!​​​​​​​

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