There’s one incredibly powerful secret to change. 

And if you can nail this…

Many things will shift.

Focus all of your attention on building the new…

And take all of your focus away from what has happened in the past. 

I’m going to repeat this. Focus all of your attention on the new (what’s going on right now) and take all of your attention away from what happened (the past).

We create living hells for ourselves by keeping our minds stuck in the past. As you’ve probably realized by now, a lot of this series is about bringing your mind into the present moment and letting go of what has happened. 

You can’t go there anymore. Really…you can’t. 

But there’s one more piece of this puzzle after you bring your mind into the present moment, and this is something that has helped me successfully build a completely new life over the past 8 years. 

Focus on one thing you want to change in your life…every…single…day.

Just one. 

True long-lasting change comes at a price of devoting your entire life to taking daily steps. While we can make small changes on the spot, to make significant tectonic shifts in your life you will have to employ a completely different set of tactics than you have been taught before. 

This is the concept of the 1 degree of change. 

1 degree on a piece of paper if you draw it out looks small, but as time goes on that one degree builds into something much much greater.

Our lives work the exact same way. 


If you obsess over making the “quantum leap” in your life, you are going to set yourself up for failure. 

Guaranteed! Like…Men’s Warehouse type of guaranteed! 

This journey of change is far from being a straight line. 

There are twists and turns and most of the time you have absolutely no idea what in the world is going to happen. But that’s the point.

The point is to give up your obsession with living in the future, to bring your mind back from living in the past and to ACT in the only moment you have…right now. 

Great achievements can be made if we focus on making intentional deliberate steps with our life.

That’s powerful. 

Very powerful. 

So start the journey of change…one step at a time…

Do it right now. 


Action Steps For Today 

Intention: To begin to map out your daily journey of change. 

Practice: Mapping It Out

Have some fun with this one. On a piece of paper, draw a map. This map could almost be like a treasure map. Whatever your goal is, draw it out on one piece of the paper and then on the other side of the paper, draw out where you are now. Then, make a squiggly line towards your goal (do not draw a straight line). Get creative with this line. Next, I want you to work from the end goal to the present day by drawing out as many milestones as you can imagine that you need to hit before you achieve that goal. After you’ve done this, fill in the blanks between the milestones as much as you can. 

At the end of it all, I want you to create a list of daily actions you need to take today, to reach your FIRST milestone. We will repeat this process after you hit it! ​​​​​​​

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