Seriously. There’s been a story that has been running your entire life and you may not even know it.

Or, you may know it but have absolutely no idea how to get out of it. 

It’s not your fault

We’ve all been fed this story and it’s incredibly powerful. 

So I’m here to help you make this change, and if you can seriously take this one step out of lessons I’m going to teach you to heart…and commit to a different way of thinking, your entire world will change. 

Not joking. How do I know? It changed mine.

Here’s the BIG lie: there’s an island where it all turns out. 

Let me explain. 

Imagine you are in a rowboat heading towards this “island where it all turns out.” This island is the land of where all your dreams, hopes, aspirations, and goals come true…and when you get there…you will be happy. Because this is so compelling, you are rowing your butt off to get there. But there’s one major problem with all of this…

That island doesn’t exist. 

It’s a mirage. 

It’s the sexiest mirage you’ve ever seen and it will keep you rowing and rowing and rowing until your arms fall off because you think that’s where your happiness lives. 

Worse yet, it’s not just about the rowing that is bad, it’s what this type of attitude brings out in you. 

When you are living from this frame of mind, you end up seeing life as very linear, black and white, timeline-esque, future driven, progress driven…and when things don’t go “according to plan” or don’t show up as “how they should be” everything gets incredibly messy. 

It will bring out anxiety, fear, doubt, worry, and pretty much every other negative emotion in the book because you aren’t slowing down at all and constantly seeking a place you will never get to. 


But most never get the opportunity to shift their perspective so they spend the rest of their lives rowing rowing rowing and even if they do achieve some of what they wanted for themselves, they realize that their happiness still doesn’t live in those things or places. 

Ever heard of mid-life crisis? 


So what is the shift that needs to take place?

Be an amoeba. 

A what?! Yes, an amoeba…you know those ever-shifting microscopic creatures that you probably studied in science class along the way? Ok I guess I’ll have to explain further.

When you start viewing your life as an ever-changing, shifting, and morphing entity you end up focusing more on growth. You see life as very colorful, an opportunity for learning, experiences, change and development. 

But here’s where it gets really good. 

This type of living brings out incredible things in you.

When you are focusing on what’s actually developing in your life, you jump off the timeline, you start living more in the present and focus on what’s actually here or what’s going on and you exit the future. 

When you exit the future and show up in the present moment, you are living in the only place where you can actually be – the present. You can’t exist anywhere else (we try sometimes). 

You show up right here and now and that’s when the magic starts to happen. 

If you can grasp this concept, and really slow down a bit to understand just how much you’ve been rowing in your boat, you will see incredible changes in your life.

You will connect with people more, connect with yourself, become more grounded, allow happiness to find you in the moment, and a slew of other fantastic things. 

There’s no telling what’s possible for you. 

So pull your oars out of the water and ask yourself right now, “What’s actually here? What’s really going on in my life? What do I have to be grateful for?”

Stop rowing. 

It will save you. 

Action Steps For Today

Intention: To build a deeper sense of presence and awareness of what’s actually here in this moment.

Practice: Never Ending List Of Gratitude

Starting today, for 5 minutes each day over the next few weeks, begin a never-ending list of gratitude. Write down in your journal all of the things you are grateful for and what you are happy about. No editing. No censoring. It’s completely fine if things repeat themselves. Come back to this practice every single morning. ​​​​​​​

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