You’re going to meet people who will change your life forever. Some are there for years, a few for a lifetime and many for what seems like just a flash. ⁠

But everyone changes you in some way. ⁠

They are all pieces of who you are and who you will become. Then, there are the rarest of few, who stick with you no matter what you’re going through in life. ⁠

The ups. The downs. Everything in between. They just show up over and over and over again. And because they do, those relationships continue to grow and deepen. ⁠

When you let go of the idea that you fully “know” someone, you give yourself the opportunity to learn about them each and every day. ⁠

Because honestly, even if you did spend endless hours with someone you care about, it’s nothing in comparison to every moment they spend with themself. ⁠

There are countless stories, moments, thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears that you don’t know about or they never even thought to voice them. ⁠

I’ve always viewed people as icebergs. What you see is just the expression of the entire thing. It’s not even remotely close to all that’s there. ⁠

That doesn’t have to be something that’s scary. We are all mixtures of darkness and light (no matter how much we don’t want to admit that at times). But that doesn’t make you a bad human being. It makes you just that – a human. ⁠

Stay open to “the more.” See what’s there. Continue to nurture the relationships around you and the right ones will grow immeasurably. ⁠

It’s a beautiful thing. ⁠

Evan Sanders