You never get “there.” There’s no island where it all turns out. Rather, you’re a constantly unfolding being always learning and growing.⁠

Always in the act of becoming. ⁠
A beautiful work in progress.⁠
A soul with boundless potential.⁠

Imagine a lotus unfolding endlessly layer after layer after layer. It never ends. It just continues on and on. Each layer you arrive at a new stage of depth where you come to an understanding. And then the next layer unfolds, you begin again, and arrive at a place of depth and wisdom in time.⁠

You have absolutely no idea of just how much you are capable of. It goes beyond what your mind could “see.”⁠

Why limit yourself then? You only “know what you know.” But that’s for right now. Isn’t it the story of your life that you eventually come to “know” things that you never knew before?⁠

The possibilities are the same. You’re capable of things…that you don’t even “know” you’re capable of. That should excite the hell out of you.⁠

So stop putting so much pressure on yourself to get “there.” There is no “there.” There’s only here. It’s all you have, all you ever had and all you ever will have.⁠

And when you really take the time to stop and just connect, you’ll experience so many wonderful things flooding in it will overwhelm you. You get to see the process for what it actually is – endless growth.⁠

You’ve spent a lifetime running to a place where you think it all pans out. But that place has always been right here. That’s what the seeker eventually learns – that everything they were ever looking for existed within.⁠

At times we may feel completely disconnected from our intentions and who we really are, but we don’t need to go searching outside of ourselves for that version of ourselves. All we have to do is plug back in – like plugging in a lamps chord into the wall.⁠

Be here. Be here. Be here. Over and over again. Repeat it to yourself. Sit in the silence and just feel into what’s “here.”⁠

Evan Sanders