Never forget that you were given exactly what you need in order to become who you are meant to be.

This one takes faith.

You can look into the outside world and find a million reasons as to why you think this is untrue. The mind can jump in and start comparing and contrasting against everything that you see.⁠

But it’s forgotten one very very important thing – nothing you’re comparing yourself against is traveling the path you are on and meant to travel. ⁠

It’s your journey. No one else is on it but you. So knowing that, it’s time to start turning back within.⁠

It’s time to start looking at who you really are, the light within your soul, the gifts you have been given and listening to the whispers in your heart telling you which way to go next.⁠

When you ignore the inner work, you will be lost forever. ⁠

Wandering. Floating. Miserable with all the time you spend looking outside of yourself. ⁠

And then when you finally make that shift to go within, you find exactly what you’ve been seeking all along.⁠

The treasures are “here.” They are not “there.”⁠

I started that journey nearly 10 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Did I get lost at times and lose sight of what really mattered? You bet. Many times.⁠

But every single time you find yourself feeling lost, all you have to do is to tell yourself to “come back.” Come back to who you really are. Come back to what matters to you. Come back to seeing your feet hit the ground again and understand the importance of your own path.⁠

You are far far more than you give yourself credit for. Sometimes we just forget that.

Turn back within.

You’ll see it.

Evan Sanders