It’s interesting that as you continue on your path, you learn that it’s far more about letting go than adding on.

It’s about dissolving stories, habits, patterns, rituals, relationships that don’t serve you.

The result ends up being a new sense of joy and peace coming into your life. The more and more you let go of the more space you create for things you actually want to be there.

My mentor once told me that there are two really simple but significant rules on growth and development. One, continue doing what you’ve been doing well. Two, stop doing what hasn’t been going so well.

I laughed when I heard it. Not because I thought it was a joke but because of how sophisticated that simple truth really is.

So I can pass that along to you at the beginning of this new year. Look at what you’re doing well and take note of it. Look at what hasn’t been going so well or what’s been holding you back and begin to wind it down.

If you can take what you have in your life as it stands right now and modify it in ways that really serve you you’re going to grow like crazy.

It’s always about adding on things that are “outside” of yourself. It can be about embracing who you are already and improving up on that. ⁠

Little by little.

Piece by piece.

Decision by decision.

That’s how you bloom.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project