When the lessons finally arrive, all you can really do is embrace the. Accept them as they are. They are messengers from an unfinished past. And if you can hold them, you’ll learn. My oh my you’ll learn. ⁠

You were never meant to be perfect. This life you’re navigating through is messy and complicated just as you are. And that’s exactly how it’s meant to be. Balanced. ⁠

So you can let go of trying to be anything but what you are. There will be things along the way you discover that you want to work on and begin to shift. But you make those choices from a place of love and not judgement. ⁠

You decide to change because you want to. Not because you thought you had to. The soul makes that choice. It chooses out of what best serves you and will help you grow into more and more of who you are.

and the thing that's always made you beautiful is that you are messy and complicated. that you're not perfect. you were never meant to be. evan sanders. the better man project quote.

What’s always given my mind a bit of a bend is thinking about how maybe we aren’t creating ourselves minute by minute, but uncovering something that was there so long ago we never even really knew it existed…⁠

Because it seems to me, all these years later, I’m learning to let go of more and more and even though that can be a bit scary at times, all that shows up on the other side is joy. ⁠

Layer by layer the mud comes off and you’re left with just, you. You as you really are. You as you were always meant to be. ⁠

Embrace the messiness of it all. Endless color rather than a world of grays. Complicated. Mysterious. Just as it should be.

Evan Sanders