What I’m about to tell you won’t be easy. What I can promise you though is that this practice, while challenging, will be one of the most worthwhile things you will ever take on in your life. And if you’re up for trying something new, keep reading on. ⁠

The story you are telling yourself about what happened is far more powerful than the details of what happened. Tracking with me so far? It’s how you are viewing it that determines everything.⁠

The greatest shift you can possibly make is moving from judgement to compassion. Judgement is like a thick molasses that causes you to stick to fear, doubt, worry, depression etc. and just makes everything worse. It’s a trap. It magnifies the events of life that are already painful and the suffering compounds. ⁠

But love and compassion are the solvent to all darkness. They lead to curiosity, wisdom and understanding and send judgement to flight. They disintegrate all boundaries and barriers in the stories we have written – even and especially if those stories have existed for decades. ⁠

If you can't wait for it, you'll never find out what it's really worth to you. the better man project. evan sanders. quote.

To be able to view the mistakes and failures in life through the eyes of understanding, love, wisdom and compassion is not to let yourself off easy for the things that have happened, but to inherently understand that we are all fallible as human beings and missteps are part of the journey. They are one of the biggest ways we learn and we can only learn those lessons once we come to a place of acceptance. ⁠

You cannot learn when the environment that’s been created in the mind is full of toxic negativity. There’s no room for wisdom when fear, guilt, self-hatred and judgement are present. It’s impossible to grow anything there. ⁠

Eventually, the shift has to be made to more wholesome ways of looking at things. That is how you will move on. Learning through the lens of light instead of darkness. That’s how you see beauty in failure. You begin to understand that in the seed of failure exists boundless lessons about paths that need to be traveled and who you can be along the journey. ⁠

This is the way.

Evan Sanders