You never know how long you will be walking the path with someone. Life has its own plans and no matter how much we try to look to the future and predict what’s going to happen, it’s all still a huge unknown.⁠

But don’t let the constant coming and going of things make you fear what’s around the bend. Because all of the things in your life at one point in time were unknown to you. All of the wonderful moments you have lived were once just around the bend and you just didn’t know it yet. ⁠

So see it all through the eyes of possibility. Know that what could be…could turn out to be far more than you have ever imagined. ⁠

And then look to what you have in the moments in front of you and plant the seeds of joy, connection, gratitude and compassion. Immerse yourself in the moment.⁠ Because as wonderful as around the bend may be, it’s never as certain as what we have right here. ⁠

Be here. Be here. Be here.⁠

There are some really special people that come into our lives that bring out the best in us. They might be friends, family, or relationships. Each of them bring a gift, something to teach you, something to offer you, and a path to you becoming who you are meant to be.⁠

the trick is, you must allow people to travel their own path and find their own way. the better man project. evan sanders. quote.

Appreciate them. ⁠

Tell them that you love them. Hold onto them while they are here and if at some point in time the path runs out – as hard as it may be – you can at least acknowledge that you were really here with them while they were as well.⁠

It takes just a moment to let go of all your fears, doubts and worries and to connect with the fact that you are alive, loved, and looked after. People like this bring you back to who you are. They can help you re-discover what you thought was lost. They are guides to where you need to be.⁠

Diamonds in the rough.

Evan Sanders