“Take your oars out of the water and enjoy life a bit.” I’ll never forget that piece of advice. I had always been striving to get to this place where it “all works out” that I completely forgot to be enjoying where I was. ⁠

Stopping the rowing to that island can be pretty challenging. All these different things start running through your mind…⁠

Worry. ⁠

But if I let go trying to control everything I might not end up where I want to be! Sure, but you might actually end up where you need to be. There’s a big difference there. ⁠

It takes a lot of faith to just let go. But when you do, you recognize that the current of your life is heading in the right direction. Takes trust, sure. But if you can have faith in your intentions and know that what you put out will come back to you, you’ll arrive. It will happen. ⁠

You never get there. There will always be more layers, new fears and even greater acts of courage to move through. You're never done. But that's the point. That's the gift. Evan Sanders. The Better Man Project. Quote.

You’re never quite “there” because there’s no such thing. The layers unfold like onions endlessly. Every new layer brings new fears to work through. New commitments to make. New acts of courage. ⁠

And once you work through that one, you’re onto the next. If you can embrace this process for what it is – endless unfolding – and you take good care of yourself while you’re doing it, you can enjoy the next ring of the tree when it comes. ⁠

Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. ⁠

Really when you get to the roots of it, it’s about faith and trust. It’s about letting go of your grip on life. It’s about floating in the water, enjoying the weather and allowing the connection with life as it is to flow right through you. ⁠

Nothing to change. Nothing to grip onto. ⁠


Evan Sanders