That first step can be pretty scary. Leaving what you’ve know behind and heading into something new? That takes so much courage. But it’s also hard. There’s a ton of momentum from the old ways of doing things and trying to shift that can be a challenge in of itself.⁠

What can make or break this entire process is a sneaky idea called “perfection.”⁠

It’ll convince you that there will be some point in the future that everything has lined up so nicely that you’ll have no problem with starting.⁠

So you wait and wait…and wait.⁠

But here’s what I can tell you with certainty – if you wait for the perfect moment to arrive, you’ll be waiting forever.⁠

It’s never going to show up. Not because you don’t deserve it or anything like that. It’ll never arrive because there’s no such thing.⁠

When is it ever going to be perfect? No problems? Nothing to face? Nothing going on in the world?⁠

It’s just not a thing.⁠

That’s the sneaky part about it. The mind romanticizes perfection so much that it believes its real. It’s just an endless trap that’s very difficult to escape from once you’re in its clutches.⁠

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You don’t need to be perfect.⁠
You don’t need to wait for perfect moments.⁠
You don’t need to put on a show.⁠
You don’t need to be flawless.⁠

You don’t need any of that.⁠

What you need to be is you. Flawed. Imperfect. Human. Blessed. Chosen.⁠

Take that with you. Take this version of yourself on that journey that you’ve been seeing in your mind. Let yourself be molded by your travels. The adventure of it all is what matters.⁠

You’ll go where you need to go. It may not end up being where you thought you were going to end up, but often it’s so much better.⁠

It takes courage to let go.⁠
It takes courage to begin.⁠
It takes courage to be yourself.⁠

Be proud of that – that you have this in you to start something and see if all the way through to the end.⁠

That’s really something.

Evan Sanders