This moment means a lot to me.

Let me explain.

For many years, I followed the advice I was being given with promises of grand outcomes. However, these dreams never came to fruition no matter how much I relentlessly went after them. As you can imagine, that takes quit the toll on the soul. That makes you want to quit.

As time went on, there was this intuitive pull that I had to let go of what I knew in order to become who I was meant to be.

That’s when the answers started to show up.

They were very, very different than anything I’ve ever heard. They had significant amounts of depth, made so much sense to me and felt like I finally had an answer to so many different things I had been going through my entire life.

But I’ll be dead honest, it wasn’t easy beginning.

Even though I learned more and more and the dots connected on a level I never could have imagined, I still had trouble letting go of the ways I had been doing things my whole life.

There was a lot of fear there.

It’s not that I didn’t believe in the information – I did. It’s that I had so many stories intertwined into why I did things the way I had always done them and what it would mean to let those go for a bit.

I wasn’t quite willing to make that sacrifice.

So last night, before bed, I went through the list of all of the things I was going to be letting go one by one. I worked my way through them. I tapped into my intuition and it helped me see the truth of it all.

And then, I mentally set the ships aflame.

There was no going back now.

There was only forward no matter what.

I am walking forward with a plan and with huge amounts of faith. In many ways, what I’m about to do for an extended period of time is completely foreign to me. I have an idea of what will happen, but in truth, it could be so much more than I’ve ever imagined.

But here’s what matters more than anything.

I’ve made the choice.

I’ve made the choice to believe again and to show my faith through my consistency with this. That’s what matters.

I’m walking the path.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project