I’ve never done this before.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t see an outcome.

Is it all of the outcomes that will come to be? No. But my head and heart are in a good place.

It’s going to take consistency. It’s going to take patience. I’m going to have to listen to my wisdom in a way that I never have before. But it’s time.

Truth is, it has been time for some time.

But here we are – having arrived at my moment.

I’ve reorganized my goals so that they aren’t centered around amounts of time passed but rather milestones achieved. This will keep me focused on the task at hand and connected to the present moment instead of falling into the trap of dreading how many days or weeks are ahead.

This is something that’s tripped me up in the past.

I honestly don’t know how long it will take. I have some sort of idea but it actually may happen much faster than I believe. So I’m going to leave that open to what’s meant to be.

All I need to do is stay on plan.

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to apply a broken equation to solving one of my biggest dreams.

What’s interesting about the pieces of that equation is that I’ve had to unlearn so many different things that were deemed “just the way it is.” The truth is, so many things about what we are taught as “just the way it is” aren’t actually the way it is at all.

It’s actually a completely different way but just hidden in the depths by layers and layers of dirt.

If you head out into the world and you seek answers from within, eventually you will begin to discover bits and pieces of these truths. Part of the experience, I’ve come to find, is that these truths need some tending to because they are often covered up with the mud of the way we have been living for so long.

It reminds me of the story about the golden buddha that was covered up with mud by the townspeople so the invading forces wouldn’t steal it and melt it down. Because it was hidden so well, it was lost in the covered up mud for hundreds of years until someone started to dig into the seemingly insignificant mound of dirt. To their surprise, they found the treasure that lived underneath.

When you wash everything off and chip away at all of the judgements, fears, doubts and worries, you are just left with pure truth.

Sometimes, that truth is hard to accept in itself.

But at the end of the day, the truth is the truth and you will always come back to it.

My mission at this point in my life has been in accepting the journey that comes along with the wisdom that I gained in all of my searching.

While there is no end of the path – as complexity will always dictate – there is a point where you just arrive at that piece of wisdom you need.

You can continue to look for supporting information, dive farther and farther in, come up with hundreds of scenarios or ways it could all play out…but at the end of the day, you just have to apply it and go for the ride.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past.

The end result is going to be what’s it’s going to be.

There’s only this moment – focusing on what I need to do – and then the next moment after that.

Brick by brick.




In tune.

Then at the end of this all, I will stand and see the beautiful building I’ve built.

Journey on.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project