One step, a single step, is all it takes.

A pure heart.

An intention to correct all wrongs.

That one step can send you in a wildly different direction. It can bring you closer to who you really are. It can honor all of the mistakes you have made in the past and yet you can still move forward with grace.

That’s all it takes…

One step.

This path I have been on has challenged me to my core. I have had a handful of bizarre things happen in my life that are just beyond mere coincidence. I’ve traveled thousands upon thousands of miles and experienced so many different things, and yet I feel like I have been brought right back to where I started in a few different ways.

I rediscovered my love for writing.

The courage necessary to head back into my old work and bring new life to it has reignited from within.

I’ve lost my way and myself…and that’s exactly what brought me right back to who I really am.

In ways, this has been a bit of a mind-bending experience.

How could you get lost and find what you needed to?

Yet, now I understand more than ever that who I think I am is just the surface of the lake…

And who I really am…that’s the entire lake.

I feel like I’m starting to discover more and more of the lake.

Every single habit, way of thinking, attachment, and old story that I let go of, I discover hidden treasures that I didn’t know were there. I haven’t been adding on things, but subtracting. And through that cleansing process, I’ve realized far more than I ever could have.

I feel lucky.

I feel lucky that I had the chance over the past 9 months to struggle with my old ways of doing things, try on new ways, practice, learn, wander and get lost in the mountains and truly head completely off path…only to find that this is what I was meant to do all along.

I was meant to lose myself.

I was meant to lose all of the ways of thinking…in fact really stop thinking…

And just settle into something else. 

That freed me. That freed me to see everything that had happened, no matter how hard it was at times, as events that brought me closer and closer to really beginning to know and not just understand.

Something changed overnight deep in my sleep.

I felt a click this morning.

And with that click, a release.

This word surrender kept arriving for me over and over again. Surrender to the path. Surrender to you. Surrender to what you believe in.

And as I sit here, not knowing at all what to expect from the coming moments, I’ve never felt more here. 

I finally have taken my oars out of the water and have stopped trying to get there. 

This is where I belong.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project