Every step that you have taken has been part of the path.

You’ve never been lost.

You’ve never taken steps backwards.

You’ve only been finding your way this entire time. You’ve only been starting to discover that the footsteps you have made, no matter how you viewed them, have been the steps you needed to take in order to become who you truly are.

Every fall.

Every mistake.

Every victory and defeat.

These all have led you here, to this place, waking up more and more as the days go on.

How could you ever say that these things that happened, while painful at times, were not meant to be if you are finding the gold that lays within them?

They were what you needed to learn.

To become.

To shift and morph as is willed.

The only trouble that comes is when you use the paths of the outside world to judge your own. They are inherently and distinctly different. The pointing of fingers is misguided and unhelpful.

So here you are.



Rooting and discovering.

Who are you going to be with the following moments?

The events of the past have turned to fluid paintings and are almost like a dream. How can we nourish them? How can we soften them? How can we turn them into something beautiful no matter how dark they were at times?

Remember who you are.

Remember that as tough as things may become, there’s still great beauty in your life and there’s always light in the presence of the darkness.

You have always wanted to repaint the scene.

No one else can travel that path but you.

These rocks in the river can be moved. These barriers can be broken. These moments can be transformed. They all can shift. But you have to let them. You have to finally let go and step forward, one mindful step after another, in a way you have always been asked to.


Trust in your heart.

Trust in who you really are.

Then, become.

Who you think you are is only a fraction of who you really are. Awaken.

You have so much time in front of you.

You have a many lifetimes left. All of that time you spent struggling and battling against the cards that had been given to you, that time can be reclaimed as well.

But you have to make the choice.

You never lost your way.

You’ve been on it this entire time.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project