Many thousands of days ago, I walked out upon a brand new path not knowing where I was going.

All I knew, is that where I was wasn’t the place I needed to be.

So I set out in an unknown direction towards an unknown goal. Maybe any movement during that time was a good thing. While all places in life are part of the path, some parts of that path aren’t meant to be a place of rest.

Some parts of the path are meant to pressure you to become more. 

And thousands of days later, here I am having made a decision to wander upon a new path. But this path is different.

This path is chosen.

This path is rooted in belief.

This one…I’ve seen in my mind for quite some time and finally surrendered to the heavens themselves to guide me with all strength, courage, and persistence.

As I have continued to dive farther and farther into myself, I have learned many things about who I really am. I have seen the inextinguishable love and light that exists inside and have also witnessed the habits of old that have kept those very same things dimmed from myself and the world.

I’ve come to understand why they exist.

I have wrestled with these serpents trying to get them under control. I have been drowned, defeated, abused and used by them. But in all of my failures to cast them out, I haven’t allowed them to make me quit, but rather bring forth even more resolve to finally get it right.

The quiet, the solitude…these places act as a mirror to who you really are.

The picture may not always be pretty, but if you allow them to show you the truth without shying away you will see who you could truly be.

They will make you appreciate the mud and the lotus.

As the months went by, I was afforded this opportunity to witness myself in the light of day.

The fear, the grasping, the avoidance, the confusion…the stories that were rooted in this lifetime and lifetimes of old. I saw the deck that had been handed me…sought out The Wisemen and The Sages…and became determined to flip those cards.

What I am now, full of darkness and light, will not be the end of the story.

But rather, just the beginning.

The time that lay before me will be an eruption of metanoia.

To the skies witnessing me above…

See my devotion.

See me be.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project