I believe that there are certain times in life where you have to set ablaze any fallback plan you may have and devote yourself completely to moving forward with unfaltering resolve.

This unbending desire is the exact thing that actually helps you break through whatever affliction has its grasp on you.

For me, and for some time now, I’ve been holding a can of gasoline in my hand and a match…

…the only problem was is that I simply refused to light it.

When I really look back over the past couple of years, I see this battle going on.

One side didn’t want to let go of how things had been but another side pleaded for me to move forward no matter the hardships that may come my way.


Wisdom. Victory. Worth. Dreams.

All of these things are on the other side. All of these things exist in making that final decision to strike the match and lay it down upon the earth.

I had to put myself upon death ground and dive deep into my character to make it actually work.

I stalled. I stalled over and over again.

Some of it was for good reason. A lot of it wasn’t.

I stood there, holding that match in my hand and even as it burn straight down to my fingertips I just didn’t let go. There was this tension in finally letting go. There was this fear that if I did let go, things would be worse…not better.

But it’s a liar. A convincing liar yes…but a liar nonetheless.

I must because I can. 

I remember hearing that statement for the first time years and years ago. “Why must you do this? Because you can.”

We are all given these wonderful gifts that we are designed to bring to life. We can either hide in fear or we can allow ourselves to go through the process of growing and changing while we evoke them from the depths of our heart.

But they are ours and ours alone.

I don’t want to spend my life wondering what would have happened if I really went for it. I want to see what that will look like. I want to experience what is on the other side of this great bank of fog.

I have no idea what to expect. I truly don’t.

That’s me being incredibly honest.

But, there’s this massive pull to do it. Maybe that’s faith pulling at me again. Egging me on. Saying, “Let’s go kid…we got you.”

So I’m going to lay that match down…a bit tentatively

Fingers singed.

But ready.

Ready for whatever the hell comes my way.

That’s truly being alive.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project