One change.

One significant change and everything else is in flux. It moves. It shifts. The whole is altered by the smallest of actions.

One intention.

One seed.

That single seed has the power to grow into something magnificent. Water it with care. Nurture it. Look after it. Ward off the weeds. Keep the ground clear and you will see its potential to grow into a massive tree.

It’s often the small little acts that get overlooked. But those things matter. They matter because they are connected to the whole and have far greater impacts than you can see.

Just as the rock creates ripples in the lake your actions create the same effect through the universe.

It’s my deepest intention this year to become more and more aware of exactly what I am thinking and doing. I have started to catch my judgements. I’ve started to be aware of the thoughts that run through my head and replace them when they do not serve me. I have heard the inner critic and its fears and brought light to the darkness.

I am taking more and more responsibility for how I show up in the world.

As I walk the beginning steps through this new year I am reminded of everything that happened last year and the years before that. The lessons. The victories. The failures. The dedication to making changes every single day.

I have been built upon that foundation and see that there’s much more learning to do.

Much more becoming.

Much more being.

We don’t always get to choose the lessons that arrive our way and how they are packaged. But that’s not our job. It’s not our job to ask why they turn out the way they do, but rather rise to the challenge – no matter how great – and to shine in our wisdom.

I think I spent a lot of time in my life wondering why things were happening the way they did.

I wouldn’t sign up for that class again.

Instead, I am spending more and more time seeing through the problem that faces me and seeing it as an opportunity to grow. Yes, I still get triggered. Yes I still suffer. But the suffering doesn’t have to continue by the means of endlessly focusing on the reasons why things may or may not have shown up.

It was a waste of time.

Life is our greatest teacher.

It gives us the ability to grow and become something greater every single day. Don’t spend a lot of time questioning how the world seems to unfold. It’s a mystery. We can’t predict the future and have no idea what is coming our way.

But we can see into ourselves and understand who we really are deep down to our core.

When you connect with that love deep inside of you, you begin to understand that while we live in a place that unfolds in mystery, we can show up answering that call with great courage and passion.

It’s about intention.

It’s about love.

It’s about connecting with your true self.

Everything else will come and go. But this journey, the one we are on for the time being, is the greatest of all.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project